Worthington Nitin Cylinders Pvt. Ltd. (WNCPL) is a Joint Venture between Worthington Cylinders and Nitin Fire Protection Industries Limited (NFPIL).

WNCL has set up a world class manufacturing facility at Visakhapatnam Special Economic Zone, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA to manufacture high pressure seamless cylinders.  The management of WNCL comprises a team of highly qualified, well experienced and with expertise in the field of cylinder manufacturing.  The Plant is well equipped with Special Purpose Machines using the most modern technology. 

Of late, CNG has become an effective alternative fuel for automobiles worldwide due to its economic advantage and low pollution characteristics.  Keeping in view the growing trend of CNG cylinders’ need in the global market, WNCL manufactures cylinders meant for CNG storage for all kinds of vehicles. In addition to the CNG cylinders WNCL produces cylinders for compressed industrial gases viz. Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Argon, Helium, Air, etc.; fire fighting applications and beverage use.

The other products of WNCL are CNG cascades and CNG dispensers.  With hand-on experience in designing and manufacturing cascades and dispensers, WNCL’s engineers manufacture these as per the requirements of its clients.

The specialty of WNCL’s manufacturing process is that the entire procedure is being carried out   in-house with proper monitoring conforming to the relevant national/international standards to ensure the quality of the product.  WNCL’s products undergo variety of tests stipulated by the national/international Standards viz. pressure cyclic test, hydrostatic stretch test, air leakage test, burst test, etc. to assess the fatigue strength, usage life, safety and reliability for application under rough, tough & extreme climatic conditions. The WNCL cylinders are epoxy coated on exterior surface for protection against unfriendly environment.  Thus WNCL ensures that it provides quality products to its clients.

WNCL’s Marketing and Quality Control departments are geared up to offer the most comprehensive and timely information on its products for end user customers. WNCL believes in “TCS – Total Customer Satisfaction”.  WNCL goes all out to meet its customers’ needs with best quality products, perfect and timely services thereby achieves its goal.

Nitin Fire Protection Industries Ltd. is a leading fire protection, a safety, securities and Intelligent Building Management system, High Pressure Seamless Cylinder and Refuelling systems company in India and has been operational for the past two decades. It is a multi product company with an annual turnover of US Dollar 25 million in the financial year 2006-07. Since the company’s inception our Chairman who has hand experience in this field has streamed the Company’s growth and its profit. He has seen to it and insisted on the reliability and efficiency of the equipment.

Worthington Cylinders is the world's leading global supplier of Pressure cylinders, which strives to continually deliver solutions to its customers that exceed their expectations in quality, service and value. It's a subsidiary of Worthington Industries Inc., a leading diversified metals manufacturing company with 2010 fiscal year sales of approximately $ 1.9 billion.





















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